Every week we have a wide variety of dogs/puppies and cats/kittens up for adoption.  Homeward Bound cats over the age of 6 months have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and feline leukemia tested. Most of the cats do not attend the regular adoptions (which are held every Saturday), but we do have mini cat adoptions from time to time.  All HB animals, unless otherwise noted, live indoors only.

CAT ADOPTION:    Please email Edwina at with questions about all of the below cats.

Please help: cat donations are always welcomed. The most needed items are baby blankets, toys and gift cards for food & litter. 

Cats Available for Adoption

 image3Name: Java
Sex: Female
Age: Young Adult
Description: Java is a very loving and uniquely beautiful smaller full-grown short-haired cat. She seems to be not much more than a year old, yet has already raised a litter of halthy and handsome kittens. She was rescued from an impound when the kittens were quite young, and seems very grateful to be safe and loved in her foster home. She is a chattier cat, and likes to have little conversations with her person.Her foster mom adores her, and thinks basic black is beautiful.  





image1Name: Jupiter
Sex: Male
Age: Kitten
Description: Jupiter is a playful, snuggly little boy who gets rowdy with his sister Venus, then they both curl up together…if possible, on top of their foster mom! Although he is really not planet sized, he is bigger than his sister, and may become a slightly larger cat than is his mother Java.







image2Name: Venus
Sex: Female
Age: Kitten
Description: Venus is a miniature version of her gorgeous mother Java; and she loves playing with toy. One of her favorites is the plastic ball with the bell inside. After playing, she settles down happily with her brother and mother and the other adult cats in her foster home.





All 3 of these cats are used to dogs that ignore them, and while they will no doubt take some time to acclimate in a new home, they are not the least bit shy. Small children or others who have not yet learned how to be gentle with felines should  be supervised with these felines until they have learned to gentle and careful for everyone’s safety.

They have all received a first vaccination and have been altered; they are all trained to use a litter box with a variety of litter styles. We expect those who choose these wonderful felines as companions will consider themselves to be very fortunate.

Please email Edwina at with questions about all 3 of these cats.
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