Every week we have a wide variety of dogs/puppies up for adoption. The dogs have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, and are microchipped. Please go to our FAQ page to learn about our adoption fees, adoption requirements, policies,  how to adopt, as well as other things to consider before you adopt. 

A pre-adoption questionnaire must be filled out by all prospective adopters. You can get a copy of the pre-adoption questionnaire by emailing the contact person listed in a dog’s bio or you may complete one at an adoption event.  Our pet adoptions are held every Saturday from 11:00 – 3. If you would like to inquire about our animals (besides coming to our pet adoption) you may contact us via email. Please keep in mind that we are volunteers and have families and jobs but we will respond to your email as quickly as possible, especially if it is an emergency. All HB dogs, unless otherwise noted, are indoor dogs.

A word about ages:  We do our best to accurately represent the ages of the dogs in our program. Sometimes we have good information on that, many times we do not. Working with sending shelters, our experience, and our vet we strive to make our “best guess.” There may be times when paperwork will not match what we’ve stated. Sometimes the birthday may be miss keyed in paperwork from the sending shelter such as a dog that is obviously an adult whose paperwork states they are 18 days old or a puppy who is listed as being three years old. In addition, many dogs that come into rescue have not had the highest quality diet and their teeth may appear “older” than they really are. Sometimes it may be a difference in opinion. Sometimes it may be an error in communication. We prefer to list the animals in our program in age groups such as “puppy,” “young adult,” “adult,” “mature adult,” and “senior.” However our database requires a birthdate to be entered so while we try to be accurate we cannot offer a guarantee on an animal’s age.

FOSTER HOMES NEEDED:  We are always looking for new foster homes.  If you have ever wanted to help, now is the time!   To learn more about fostering, please go to our Foster Facts page. The dogs (and cats!) thank you for considering becoming a foster mom, dad or family!


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